Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A meagre harvest

If you're reading this in the UK this week, the mere mention of politics will probably be enough to make you slam shut your laptop. All I can say is good luck to you all tomorrow.

Peru doesn't go to the polls until May 2016, but already seems set for the usual tumultuous year of electioneering nonsense. Get ready to jump aboard the magic roundabout.

All this by way of forging a (somewhat tenuous)  link to this latest story from the Anecdotes. Land rights I suspect haunt the dreams of many a Peruvian politician. It's a complex issue, with no easy fix guaranteed to unravel the fearsome web of conflicting interests. That said - no reason not to try.

In this story. Tello's assistant Mejía Xesspe bigs himself up and poses as a special government envoy in an attempt to track down some ancient artefacts. In the process he gets caught up in the brouhaha between two provincial warring factions.

A meagre harvest
In which we see what happens when the gloves come off in a rural community in Andahuaylas

Tello had always been really fascinated by the Inca quero. So it was with great excitement that one day in October 1925, his devoted follower Toribio Mejía Xesspe, reported that he was on the scent of a trail that promised to uncover some. There ensued a saga that Tello always delighted in recounting to us with great amusement.